Hargadon Family Information

A collection of letters, photos, and a compiled history collected over the years about my maternal ancestry, the Hargadons from County Sligo, Ireland, by way of Louisville, Kentucky.

Updated December 26, 2015


M. A. Hargadon Letter to Father Frank Hargadon
January 9, 1938

  • M. A. Hargadon lived in Canada
  • M. A. mentioned a Brian Hargadon from Glogher, Co. Sligo
  • Also brought up the story that the Spanish Armada was the source for Hargadons in Ireland [A story that I've heard is inaccurate legend, but which David Beatty also mentions as part of the family's oral tradition]
PDF of M. A. Hargadon letter

Letter from Nell Fleming (nee Hargadon) to “Mr. Hargadon”
June 19, 1938

  • Nell was born in Co. Sligo and lives in Roanoke, Va.
  • Mr. Hargadon lives in Winston Salem
  • Nell mentions other Hargadons in Chicago
PDF of Nell Fleming letter

Curated Works

David Beatty’s “Hargadon Brothers History”
August 1997

  • David’s mother was my grandfather’s sister
  • Well-sourced information, unfortunately I’m missing the appendices
  • I plan to convert to HTML someday for searches
PDF of Hargadon Brothers History

Charles D. Hargadon Family Gallery
June 2015

A collection of photos of Charles and Angela, their families, and their children and grandchildren’s families.

  • Organized by Kate Butler for a reunion in June 2015
PDF of Hargadon Family Gallery

Charles D. Hargadon Patents and Company Info
October 6, 2009

Patents and information on the company that Charlie started, which evolved into Fall’s City Machinery.

PDF of Charles Hargadon Patents and Company Info